Rokform Lil’ Rok PLUS – BAM (Big Ass Magnet) Magnetic Dashboard Mount


SKU: 013-019-028

Product Description

  • Mount your phone to just about any flat, hard surface with a LilRok and v3 mountable case for a complete hands-free experience.
  • This discreet magnetic mount works with a v3 Magnet Kit and is incredibly easy.
  • Simply peel to reveal the 3M tape, stick to a clean, flat, hard surface, and let the magnets get to work.
  • Ask just about any Rokform employee and well tell you this is one of our favorites!
  • Designed, engineered and made in the USA.


  • Works with v3 magnet kit
  • 15 lb. rare earth magnet creates strong, secure pull
  • 3M tape creates solid attachment to clean, flat, hard surface
  • Compatible with all v3 mountable phone cases


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