Tempered-Glass Screen Protector for iPad Pro Premium Crystal Clear – Industry-High 9H Hardness

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· The Package Included:

· Tempered Glass Screen Protector X1

· Installation Guide x1

· Micro Fiber Cloth x1

· Alcohol Prep Pad x1

· Dust-absorption Sticker x1

· How to Install / Tips:

· Step 1: Clean the screen with the alcohol prep pad.

· Note: The alcohol prep pad contains alcohol, which will clear the screen well.

· Clean the screen

· Step 2: Wipe the display screen with micro fiber cloth.

· Note: Clean it many times to ensure the screen is clean enough.

· Wipe the screen display

· Step 3: Use the dust-absorption sticker to make sure the screen is dust free.

· Note: If the screen is still not clean enough after wiped by the cleaning cloth, you can use the dust-absorption sticker.

· Use the dust-absorption sticker to clean galaxy s5 screen

· Step 4: Take the protector and peel the protective layer off the adhesive side.

· peel the protective layer off the adhesive side

·Step 5: CAREFULLY place the screen protector by aligning the edges of the display along the outline.

· Note: Place the glass screen protector correctly and lightly.

· align the screen protector to the display

· Step 6: Press the middle of the screen protector with your finger after aligning the S5 screen, and you will see the protector starts the self-adhering process.

· the screen protector is self-absorsion

· Step 7: Sweep the screen surface with the micro fiber cloth to remove any bubbles, dust and dirt.

· remove any bubbles on the screen protector

· Step 8: The tempered glass screen protector is perfectly installed!

· Tips: Smaller bubbles will disappear within 1-2 days.

· The tempered glass screen protector is perfectly installed

Protect Your phone from the Every Day Drops, Scratches and Impacts! Hurry up and buy the best and cheap tempered glass screen protector.

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